The Smart Commute Rewards Program


Our thought was that If commuting smart for a week is good, then a month would be great, and a whole season even better. The best way to get there was to incentivize participation and that brings us to the rewards program.

How to Participate?

Commute smart, log your mileage and trips, and earn rewards. It’s as simple as that! Continue reading for basic rules about which trips count and how much you can earn in a day.

Which Trips Count?

The goal of this program is to replace automobile travel with more sustainable and healthier alternatives. Any local trip that would or could be made by car can be counted. Examples include trips to work, school, the store, or running errands. Both the trip to your destination and the trip home count. Each day a participant can record a maximum of 2 trips or 40 miles.

Methods of Travel

The most common ways to participate are walking, running, and cycling. Other forms of human powered travel are also encouraged. If your commute is to far to reasonable complete on foot or by bike check out one of our Smart Commute Lots to help shorten the distance. Carpooling counts as well and requires at least three occupants in the vehicle.

When do I Earn Rewards?

Rewards are based on mileage or number of commutes (Trips). You will be able to reach reward levels by completing the required number of either. By doing this the program does not favor those with longer commutes who can easily generate miles, or those with very short commutes who can easily participate every day.

After achieving each level you will receive a gift certificate or discount to a participating business and entries into the Grand Prize Drawing. You will receive a confirmation email from and can pick up your rewards at the Top Of Michigan Trails Council Office on M-119. The grand prize drawing will take place at the Smart Commute Celebration in October.


Distance Rewards
10 Miles or 2 Trips Grand Prize Drawing Entry
100 Miles or 25 Trips Reward + 1 Additional Drawing Entry
250 Miles or 65 Trips Reward + 2 Additional Drawing Entries
500 Miles or 125 Trips Reward + 4 Additional Drawing Entries

Grand Prizes:

  • Latitude 45 $500 Gift Card
  • Bearcub Outfitters $250 Gift Card
  • McLean and Eakin $100 Gift Card

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